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This is a project about finding a problem and solving
it by creating a brand from scratch. The problem I found is that over 2 million books are being published in other countries, but only 3% of those books are being translated in the U.S. every year, and fiction which is the most popular reading material is less than 1%. People are missing out on great ideas from other cultures.


College students are my most targeted audience because they are more open to other things, and they are at the stage of their lives where they are being exposed to different people and cultures. The goal here is to get more college students to read Asian fiction, which will eventually lead to the increase of publication of foreign literature in the US so that they gain different cultural perspectives and great ideas.





The brand is been created, and its name is Book Bridge. After complex research, I found that people often find the authors they like when their books become movies; people love to get information through videos and interactive items; A short biography of the author could attract readers’ interest to the book. The strategies I come up with are to introduce people to books that have become movies; create videos and interactive items to connect people to books; Make people interested in the authors by providing authors’ short bios to readers.

Overall, making Reading Foreign Fiction be a movement. In that movement, I propose to do an online community, a mobile application, a book reading, a series of bookmarks, and localize the design of a series of translated books. Also, the other important thing is to promote the brand on social media. 



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